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10% of all sales are donated to holistic mental health organizations

Hey y'all! Welcome to COCO CADEAUX, an expression of one of my great loves: hospitality. I'm Courtney but my friends call me Coco. Since 2013 I have dabbled and gone down many creative bunny trails to find what truly makes me come alive; 2013 was the year I made my first sale (it was the South Carolina state flag hand-painted on a small, pallet sign that I sold for $50) but my creative days began long before then.

I've always been a dreamer and around the age of 12, I had all the plans laid out in my mind of putting on an event at my family's cabin in North Alabama; I had every last detail sorted out but unfortunately that is where the plan stayed. Fast forward roughly 10-11 years, I was a lost dreamer, in my early twenties and struggling to really figure out who I was. I've always loved Jesus but I had put Him at the bottom of my priority list, and after years of riding the proverbial fence, putting my identity and self-worth in everything and everyone but Him, I began the journey to the end of myself. It would be a years-long process, but feeling lost and alone, I decided on a whim to pull my art supplies out that I had saved from my early days of college, I bought a few canvases, and one random night by myself, I started to paint. I didn't paint anything extravagant or what others would think would be worthy of displaying, but I now know it was Holy Spirit pulling me out of a dark hole and causing me to pull out my hidden and most precious expressions out. A spark was lit.

I had been part of hosting and/or designing events for family and friends since I was roughly 21, I've always loved design and anything artsy or creative. In 2019, after relocating and spending several years in NY, I found myself and my husband beginning to cultivate what we now know is a gift for hospitality. After nearly 7 years at a church, we felt the Lord calling us out and leading us to a new church plant in my husband's hometown on the East End of Long Island. It was in our first home, a 1950's, 900 sq. ft. house on the corner of Magnolia & Pine, that we hosted countless events and celebrations. We made meals for family, friends and strangers, and started a ministry during the peak of the 2020 shutdown where a team of volunteers gathered every Saturday in the driveway of our 1/4 acre corner lot, helping us make and deliver homemade meals for 150-200 people in our community for 4 months.

All during these years, I still dabbled in my creativity and started a lifestyle boutique I called MAG&PINE Co.: I designed and made shirts, bags, hats and even had an original design copyright, I sold some of my products in a local boutique as well as on my Etsy shop at the time, for a time I made jewelry and sold pieces in a salon boutique, and towards the end of 2017, I tried my hand at candle-making. In September of 2018, I scored my first paid event planning gig; it was a family member's wedding that I planned, coordinated within 6 months -- the wedding was held in March 2019, in NC, while I still lived in NY -- and made the candle favors for. That event created another spark that lit something inside me to stay open and curious about the possibilities to come. I had a few more paid events, both full service planning and day-of coordinating, until the 2020 shutdown when everyone was forced to hit the pause button. In 2021 I began assisting a well-known planner based in The Hamptons and had a few of my own events on the books. It was the 2 seasons I worked with this amazing planner, however, that I learned so much and I grew in confidence of myself as a creative and a businesswoman; I loved every second of it, even the stressful parts.

After 12 years of living in NY and praying for the Lord to open a door for me and my family of 4 to move back south, in March of 2023 that door finally opened and we sold our house, moved into our camper, took a 3-month cross-country road trip, and landed in Nashville in June of 2023. On September 6, 2023, after having closed down all forms of business and creativity when we left NY, I re-launched as COCO CADEAUX hospitality boutique.

I've been told in the past that you can be good at a lot of things but you can really only be great at one...a few at best...but I've tried many times over the years to fit into a single box and it just doesn't work for me. Our Creator God has made me a passionate, deep-thinking, detail-oriented creative. Over the years I've honed in on one word that can describe what I love: hospitality. I love rolling out the red carpet for people -- be it a full-blown event, one of my children's birthdays, or even having friends over for an impromptu shared meal and a fire. I love giving gifts, wrapping them nicely and seeing the receiver's face when they see the detail put into them. I love to serve others and make them feel seen and loved on. COCO CADEAUX is just that: my gifts. Here, I hope you feel welcome, loved, seen, and special...because you are!